Koelsch Gallery – Solo Exhibition

Claire Cusack lives in a world inspired by ordinary objects. In her travels as well as her daily journeys she finds meaningful trash/treasures that she transforms into unexpected sculptures.Her materials are often gathered from urban intersections – rural roads – beaches – old garages – railroad tracks and other surprising places. According to Cusack many of the objects have individual voices that guide the unusual pairing and complex assembling of each piece. In her constructions Cusack minimizes the use of fixatives – relying on precise furniture making to ensure that parts are securely fitted. The perceived simplicity of the end results mask the artist’s strenuous process and meticulous to detail. There are many untold stories in Cusack’s reinvented context of objects. Her art expresses a raw honesty – not unlike that of many primitive cultures – and a surprising literary gift for satire.

Koelsch Gallery
801 Richmond
Houston, Texas 77006

Opening Reception
Thursday, Feb. 11, 6-9 p.m. 2016

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